Purple gas


Indoor Grown
Manufacture Date: 10-7-19
Exp Date: 10-7-20
Lot #: 20242
License #: 201910H
Total CBD: 16.14%

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Purple Gas Hemp Flower from Green Fire Hemp truly lives up to its name. It’s  space green chunk nuggets and beautiful purple accents rip out of the bag louder than spilled gasoline. Purple Gas is composed of earthy aroma, with hints of pine, and citrus. Much like the mix of the colors, this collisions of worlds create an unforgettable experience for your pallet that is both earthy & sweet.

From what we know of this new top performing strain, Purple Gas CBD Hemp Flower comes from a hybrid involing a BaOx strain & a lesser known Therapy strain. These genetics give Purple Gas Hemp Flower a strong CBD profile, and keep the THC levels ultra low to maintain performance and legal compliance.

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